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Pricing Management in Industrias TITAN
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About Industrias Titan

INDUSTRIAS TITAN is the leader in the Spanish paint market, founded in 1917, the main objective since its creation more than 100 years ago, is to transform people's lives through paint and color.


More than a century ago, in Barcelona in 1917, INDUSTRIAS TITAN was born in a small laboratory on Calle del Pi.


In this place where research, production and a commitment to innovate were mixed, Joaquín Folch Girona would be the person who would set the course for the incipient company, making TITAN a synonym for quality and service of its time.


With him, new products were made and existing ones were improved, the greatest advance being the creation in 1934 of the first synthetic enamel of national manufacture: TITANLUX.


The quality of the product was so extraordinary and superior to that of its competitors that the TITANLUX brand became a standard for high-quality paint.


The innovation has gone in parallel with the launch of successful products that have allowed INDUSTRIAS TITAN to develop a wide range of solutions to meet all the needs of the painter, both professional or not.


Sustainability is another of the main conditions of TITAN's industrial activity, a respect maintained from the production process to the final product, with the ISO 14000 environmental certification and the creation of ecological products.


Quality, innovation and service was the ideology that was marked at the beginning of the 20th century in Industrias TITAN and to this day remains in the company; principles that have allowed TITAN to establish itself as the leader in liquid paint in Spain.


Doing it better, making it easier and making it cleaner are the foundations now and in the future at INDUSTRIAS TITAN.

Challenge: Pricing Management – Efficiencies in the pricing model

Titanlux had the need to manage a complex pricing system involving multiple factors. Maintaining such a system had become a slow process that was not easy to manage, with a high learning curve.

Our challenge was to create a platform that would allow them to access this information in a clear and simple way, while introducing new changes in their discount system, without the need to have a great knowledge about the system. This would be accessible to all personnel, allowing both timely maintenance of the system, as well as large updates, and with a flat learning curve, without requiring knowledge other than those of the business.

How did Oceano Consulting add value?

Faced with this challenge, Océano Consulting analyzed and created an application system that allows Titanlux users to check and modify all the information related to the company's pricing and discount system.

A map of the maintenance process and price introduction was made, implementing it using the Corzia ComFlow process management tool.

An agile and simple web interface was created integrated with the ERP used by Titanlux.

For this case, applications were created that allowed eliminating and creating new discount systems with the simple action of uploading an Excel document to the browser, very simple to compose, which exponentially simplifies this process.

Together with the application of consultation on these same changes, the ease with which the price system is managed skyrocketed, thus allowing the company greater control and the possibility of executing any change at the same time, without contacting the IT department.

Some of the benefits for the customer
  • Standardize processes and information, allowing a faithful reflection in the system of the reality of the business that is easily understood.

  • Greater agility in defining and updating pricing policies.

  • Greater vision and control of the commercial conditions of our clients thanks to an easy-to-use tool.


“For years we had a very complex definition of the price system. The people who had participated in its inception were no longer in the company and we had evolved our ERP based on developments that made its maintenance even more complicated.


We sought the help of an expert partner, both in systems and processes, and we contacted Oceano Consulting to help us redefine our pricing model and to provide us with a tool that would make maintenance easier and more agile.


Thanks to the help of Oceano we have been able to simplify our pricing system so that it is easy to understand while allowing us to reflect the reality of our clients. With the new tool we have gained in ease of use and agility and it allows our sales department to make changes without the need for support from the systems area.


The change process was difficult at times, but thanks to the professionalism and proximity of Oceano it became more bearable and we managed to achieve our goals.”


    Daniel Vives Larruga

Industrias Titan IT Application Manager



"We went from having a management of sales order price conditions working semi-manually, with little or no visibility regarding its traceability, breakdown and type of discounts that compose it, to a standardized model where 100% of the templates and agreements per customer invoice are managed automatically.


This advance also allows us to automate the entry and management of orders so that the vast majority enter our ERP, are assigned and processed without human intervention.


Oceano Consulting not only supported us in the technical solution, but in challenging the standard parametrization of the ERP and its process interface in Comfllow to cover a sustainable, scalable and fully automated pricing model."


              Juan Luis Ruiz

    Industrias TITAN, CIO

Why Océano Consulting?
The position of Océano Consulting as the main partner of Corzia, the company that created Comflow, provides us with first-hand knowledge about the benefits of the platform for your business. This knowledge together with our long experience creating applications with the system allows us to adapt the tool to each case, which in turn allows a total integration with your system avoiding a disruption of its normal operation.
How to modernize and simplify the most complex processes of your company for the greater comfort of the users without disturbing the normal operation of your system.
Further doubts?
Contact us.
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