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Comprehensive company overview
Who is NordLogway?
Nordlogway is a logistics sector firm that operates throughout the Iberian Peninsula and works with clients from all over the continent. Its main services are logistics services, outsourcing of operations, cross-dock platform, transportation and distribution. It has large logistics spaces and a transport fleet to carry out its activity.
Data analysis processes were performed using Excel, which meant a significant amount of time was spent on this activity alone for some of Nordlogway’s workers. Thus, they decided to use Business Intelligence tools to optimise data reporting and analysis as well as to improve their quality through the advantages they offer.
Our Solution
Qlik Sense was the BI tool selected to carry out the project due to its user-friendly interface, its ability to create complex data models using scripts in a simple way and the large number of viewing options that allow the analysis of the data from different perspectives.
Therefor, it was agreed to create a series of applications that would allow Nordlogway to process their data and get the desired performance. These applications were divided into warehouse apps and transportation apps:
  • Warehouse applications: special emphasis was made on the capacity ratios, warehouse occupancy and number of entrances and exits before the corresponding KPIs and graphics were designed. Focus was also put on metrics to measure customer service, such as the percentage of orders that are prepared on time. Finally, graphs were created to analyse the evolution over time of the stock, the time that the different items have been in the warehouses and their rotation.
  • Transport applications: the evolution of the invoicing corresponding to the shipments was analysed, as well as their costs and margins. Graphs and tables were also designed to analyse the rates payed by customers, to study the costs attributed to suppliers (carriers) and to check the volume and weight of shipments. Finally, we opted for the creation of dynamic maps that allow the geographic analysis of the business.
Likewise, it should be said that a 2-layer architecture was chosen for data loading and application design. In the first layer, equivalent to an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), the source databases were directly attacked, transforming them by applying the corresponding logic and special formating that allowed this data to be used with high efficiency.
On the second layer, this information is uploaded and worked on to generate the necessary data for the design of the applications. This strategy optimises the data loading processes since, for example, the database tables only have to be loaded once to then be used in multiple applications.
In this way, the power of Qlik Sense was harnessed by transforming and applying logic to the data without using other technologies such as Data Warehousing, which would have added unnecessary complexity to the project.
¿Why Oceano Consulting?
The experience in BI projects on top of our partnership with Qlik, the optimal tool to carry out the project in question, positioned Oceano Consulting as the best option to help Nordlogway improve its data analysis processes.

Find out how Oceano helped NordLogway with the creation of a series of BI applications that allowed it to have full visibility of all its operations.

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